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Practising Yoga at Seachange

One of the benefits of making the move to a Seachange Lifestyle Resort is the ability to join in the program of activities and events on offer.  An activity that that is popular with home owners at all Seachange Resorts is Yoga.  The list of benefits of yoga for over 50s is nearly endless.  Practising yoga regularly can improve balance, moderate pain, increase flexibility and even improve sleep quality and fight depression.

Not quite convinced? Here are some of the other benefits of practising yoga for over 50s

It’s low impact

Many fitness experts recommend low impact workouts for the over 50s because in general these exercises put less strain on joints and bones. Yoga is a great example of a low impact workout – it’s gentle enough but still offers some cardio and lots of excellent resistance training and stretching to help build and improve muscle tone.

It can improve your range of motion

Practising yoga just a few times a week can improve your flexibility and range of motion, something that’s particularly important as we get older. Our range of motion naturally declines as we age and carries the risk of greater injury from falls and can get in the way of daily life.

Yoga is a great antidote to that; regular stretching will help improve spinal flexibility and prevent falls by working on your balance – with each class you will be strengthening your lower body, particularly ankles and knees.

It combats arthritis pain

Yoga is an excellent exercise for arthritis sufferers because it promotes strength and flexibility but is still gentle at the same time. Research even suggests it can reduce pain and mobility problems in people with knee osteoarthritis.

 It’s for body and for mind

Exercise of any kind can help improve your sleep quality and relieve stress, and this is especially true of yoga – the practice itself is as much about the body as the mind, and through breathing techniques and meditation, practising yoga can help you deal with stress and anxiety in the process.

Images Below:  Home Owners Practising Yoga at Seachange Lifestyle Resorts Emerald Lakes at a Yoga workshop January 2020.