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Five benefits of playing lawn bowls

Lawn bowls is a popular sport and leisure activity in Australia, especially within people over 55 years of age. It is a great way to develop certain skills, like coordination and precision, and it is a low impact activity that can be enjoyed by anyone. Seachange have included lawn bowls greens as part of the array of facilities that our residents at Arundel, Riverside Coomera and Toowoomba will enjoy daily.

Some of the benefits of playing lawn bowls include:

Muscle strengthening:

As you walk with the extra weight of a bowling ball in your hands, you flex and stretch muscles. This helps to improve flexibility, mobility and core strength.

Reduces the risk of contracting some diseases:

It is well known that having a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors that can lead to a heart problem. Lawn bowling can reduce the risk of contracting a heart attack or a stroke, as it helps your body to utilise oxygen better and contributes to good blood circulation and blood pressure.

Coordination and precision:

Playing lawn bowls requires precision, as the main objective is to get as many of your bowls as close as possible to the ‘jack’. Therefore, this activity involves concentration and enhancement of hand and eye coordination.

Mental health:

Lawn bowling can help your mental health as it contributes to reduce stress and improve your mood. Exercise makes you release endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in your body, making you feel good about yourself.

Social interaction:

The simplicity of the game and the low-impact exercise it involves makes it attractive for many people to play. Friends and family can play together as it can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, gender or physical condition.


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