Christmas ‘Lights’ up the Seachange Community

06 Dec, 2016

Seachange Lifestyle Resort residents at both Arundel and Emerald Lakes are putting the ‘Griswalds’ to shame with a dazzling display of Christmas lights and cheer that is lighting up the neighbourhoods, with all residents feeling the spirit of Christmas.

It is purely and simply magical to see street after street twinkling and shining with such animated lights.  The community within Arundel turned on their lights on the 27th November with such excitement. ‘The Songbirds’ choir were singing the goodies and the old time favourite Christmas Carols and around the streets bell ringers were contributing to the festivities.  Streets were blocked off to cater to the various street parties where kids frolicked, sausages sizzled and corks popped!

Emerald Lakes turned their lights on the first weekend in December.  Clearly the spirit of Christmas is evident within the Seachange Community at Emerald Lakes.  Last year’s winner Yvonne Cole-Davidson says, “there is always room for lights at Christmas and it is lights that enable me to share my love of Christmas.”  Residents at Emerald Lakes have well and truly found their Christmas spirit, through not only decorating their homes but also their buggies as well, creating such a festive atmosphere full of joy and good cheer.

Every year the number of homes decorated increase as does the decorating of houses and streets making the greater Seachange Community come to life with all residents living it large after dusk.  “Seachange is a very close knit community so it is important to do all we can to celebrate and enjoy the Christmas festivities together,” according to Arundel resident Dorothy Nies.

house-lights1 house-lights3