Turn Up The Lights – The Famous Christmas Lights at Seachange Lifestyle Resorts.

21 Dec, 2016

There is something magical about walking through streets where rows of houses are all glowing with Christmas cheer. Both Seachange Emerald Lakes and Arundel communities are filled with stunning Christmas lights which twinkle and sparkle making it easy to see the magic of Christmas and the warmth of the holiday spirit amongst all residents.  When it comes to holiday festivities, decorations and good cheer the residents unite, don’t hold back and certainly don’t disappoint.

“It’s all a bit of fun.  The resident’s homes with displays and decorations are without a doubt a fantastic way to bring people together and celebrate the festive season, according to Seachange Arundel resident Nadine Swanney.”

Many resident’s family and friends from both communities joined together, over the weekend to celebrate and recognise the winners for the house light decorations.  Whilst some residents get into decorating more than others everyone is on board.  Clearly the residents were all so impressed with such a variety of displays ranging from contemporary to traditional lighting all highlighting the festive time of Christmas.  According to Seachange Lifestyle Resort’s CEO Phil Goodman, “it simply just gets better and bigger each year.”

It is wonderful to see the greater Seachange community embrace the Christmas spirit through such fabulous light displays and congratulations to the winners for spreading good cheer with their festive displays.  For the second year running Rob and Nadine Swanney from Arundel took out first prize with Emerald Lakes resident Yvonne Cole-Davidson claiming the coveted People’s Choice award for the second year running as well.

Arundel festivities went off with a bang, Santa and Mrs Clause made an appearance as well as Mr Balloon Man who lit up the Children’s smiles. The Seachange Songbirds also performed to the delight of resident’s and their families and friends. The resident’s choir performance at Emerald Lakes filled the room with laughter and cheer with their very witty and clever rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas at Seachange.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Christmas lights competition and we wish everyone a very merry Christmas and look forward to a ‘bright’ 2017.

And the Winners are:


Best Home: (Prizes 1st, 2nd & 3rd) 

Villa 327 (Rob & Nadine Swanney) – 1st

Villa 51 (Connie & John Glover ) – 2nd

Villa 9002 (Jennifer & Paul Shepherd ) – 3rd

Best Street:  St Tropez



Mr Balloon Man


Brian Dawson as Santa’s helper


The Seachange Arundel Christmas Elves


Community Manager Tony in front of the Seachange Arundel Country Club Christmas Tree


Nadine and Rob Swanney


The Seachange Songbirds performing Christmas Carols


The festivities


It was a full house at the Seachange Arundel Country Club