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Water Workouts For Fun & Fitness

A healthy lifestyle is one of the key pillars of community life at Seachange Riverside Coomera. Community manager Lynn Wild, who is also an experienced swimming teacher, said getting into aqua aerobics was a great way for over 50s to keep fit, and a fabulous way to meet others. “Any exercise you do in water is the equivalent of six times of doing it on land,” said Lynn. “It is also better from a safety point of view. For example, running on the spot using water resistance is a lot less hard on your joints, your knees, your thighs and hips than being on a hard surface on land.



“If you stand on one leg in slightly deep water, for instance, you can lift one leg up in front of you horizontally and then push it back behind you – the resistance is working your bottom and leg muscles six times what it would be if you were doing it on dry land. “Any activities like this in water are brilliant. The exercise is more amplified because of the resistance the water gives you.”



Lynn said Seachange Coomera had two pools for its residents to use – a 16m solar heated lap pool at the River House and a heated resort pool attached to the five-star Country Club. The resort also has a sauna, steam room and heated spa as well as a fully-equipped gymnasium, treatment room, lawn bowls green, bocce lawn and twin pickle ball courts. Aqua aerobics classes, led by a specialist instructor, will begin in October and continue through Summer at the River House pool.



Benefits of Water Aerobics and Arm Curls:

  • – Water supports the body, reducing stress on joints and muscles, particularly for those who have had injuries
  • – A fun activity that is not limited to any age group or skill level
  • – Increases flexibility and can help heart and lung function
  • – Builds strength with gentle resistance from the water
  • – Helps with balance and reduces the risk of injury from falls
  • – Provides a sense of well-being and accomplishment