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Third Time’s A Charm For Janine

It was third time lucky for Janine Sheehan when she moved into Seachange Toowoomba in August. Not once, but twice, had she moved in three years trying to find the perfect place to live where peace and quiet were in abundance.


Upon parting ways with her husband, the 62-year-old moved into a terraced home in Springfield Lakes but was soon to find the thin walls and over-excited children banging on them all hours of the night made living there rather unpleasant. Janine began looking further afield and after seeing advertisements for Seachange Toowoomba, she attended a morning tea and sales presentation to find out more.


“At the time there was just a little building at the front, and they were excavating the grounds, but I was very impressed and put a deposit down,” she said. “However, I did end up changing my mind as my son Jack has autism. He stays with me on weekends and needs room to be able to wander around a bit, so I didn’t feel there was enough space at the time. “Also, I hadn’t settled with his father at that stage, so I wasn’t ready to go ahead.”


Janine eventually did settle on a three-bedroom townhouse in Toowoomba’s Wilsonton area but once again found it wasn’t ideal. “It was a lovely unit but when the COVID-19 lockdown hit, the block behind me sold and construction started on a childcare centre. I didn’t realise when I bought there that it was a commercial area – it had just been called a ‘support zone’ so I found myself living next door to dust and dirt for months on end. Then the childcare centre opened from 6am to 6pm …. “And, of course, because of the zoning I realised at any time other blocks could sell and more commercial enterprises be built around me. “It was a stressful time because everything was going up in price so I decided to go and take another look at Seachange Toowoomba.”


Janine found at the time there was only one home available ready for immediate occupation and after a viewing “smacked down” a $1000 deposit that same day.
And it was lucky she did as another lady arrived the next day wanting to purchase it. Janine’s Wilsonton townhouse sold for the highest price ever in the suburb and she moved into her new two-bedroom home in August. “When I saw it I thought it was lovely and just what I wanted. It was bigger than the first duplex I had looked at before and had plenty of space for my son to walk around. “I’m very grateful and fortunate it was available as the people who came after me had to wait for building works to be completed. “I love it, the facilities, playing tennis, the heated pool … although I’m so busy I don’t always have the time to enjoy them but when I slow down it will all still be there.”


Janine volunteers at the RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre which holds open days once a month. She also takes Jack to special art classes once a week and enjoys gardening at her new home. “I was a bit worried about having a smaller garden, but my numerous plants all did fit into the space beautifully and to my surprise I have enough garden space to plant up more if I wish,” she said. “And it turns out I already knew, indirectly, the next-door neighbour while on the other side are friends of my old neighbours. “People really make you feel comfortable here. You have all the facilities for a quality lifestyle, a safe gated estate and a community who is happy to get to know my son when he is here.”