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Sharks In The Pool at Seachange Arundel

There have been a few “sharks” spotted at Seachange Arundel recently as the resort’s Mixed Doubles Pool Comp stirs the waters. Organiser Kevin Moran said until he moved into the resort, with wife Maureen, two weeks before the first COVID-19 lockdown, he could count on one hand the number of times he had played either Pool or Snooker. “We managed to get two ‘Friday night drinks’ in before everything closed but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the management at Seachange encouraged residents to start Street Trivia and through that we met a great group of people who have quickly become firm friends,” he said. “It was this group that Maureen and I asked if they would be interested in playing a mixed pair pool competition. Most of the men had some experience playing pool, but most women not at all. “However, we felt that this would be an advantage because we didn’t want it to be serious. And believe me, serious it is not!


“One of the great things about Seachange Arundel, and there are many great things, is that you can choose what activities you would like to participate in.” The first competition was held on a Thursday evening in the resort’s prestigious Club House using its two half-size snooker tables as well as one full-sized one. On the first evening, 14 teams picked up sticks to fire some canons around the table. Since then, four competitions have been held and they are scheduled for about every six weeks. “That first night was great and we had lots of laughs at the antics of the less experienced and lots of ‘coaching’ from those who thought they knew how to play,” he said. “Now Maureen and I have really got into snooker. We play at least five times a week, plus we also play pool between ourselves and others outside of the comp. Our skills are constantly improving, and this makes it a very satisfying game.



“Maureen and I supply the prize and cup and we spend up big … the chocolates cost $5, and the cup is $1.” Mr Moran said since the couple had been living at Seachange Arundel they had thrown themselves into all the activities available including aqua aerobics, yoga, meditation, lawn bowls, Friday night social gatherings and more. “That’s one of the great things about living at Seachange … all the activities we have either never done, or never had time for, are available,” he said. “We really love living at Seachange Arundel. We wanted to buy into a community, and we have done that in spades. You can live many years in a suburban street and hardly get to know your neighbours, whereas here you become part of the community and meet new people very quickly.”