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Sewing Is The New Chic

In this day and age of fast fashion, who would have thought 2020 would be the year people rediscovered their sewing machines? COVID19 has prompted a spirit of resourcefulness and the importance of good home economics. People are getting back to basics and helping their communities by making washable face masks and scrubs.


Avid sewer, and Seachange Arundel resident Fina Bakker, was hard at work making facemasks for her family and friends during the peak of COVID-19. “I’ve always been an avid sewer and I really like the sewing group we have here at Seachange – it’s very social and good fun,” said Fina. “We moved in here nine months ago and I’ve had more time to sew since. COVID really inspired me to create masks which other people wanted to buy, to my surprise! They went out to family, friends and people around the area.”



Over the years, sewing has become a near redundant skill, due to our accessibility to cheap clothing and a modern throw-away mindset. However, home sewn clothing is making a resurgence for different reasons than might be expected. In a world where exhaustion and constant ‘busyness’ seems to be the new normal, people are beginning to seek new outlets for creativity and enjoyment during their downtime.


Designing and making your own clothing is no longer about saving money, rather, it is a hobby that provides fulfilment and a sense of accomplishment. “I’ve got a niece who is pregnant and wanted to sew something instead of shop,” explained Fina. “She’s been very keen to come over and make something together – it’s a bonding experience and great chance to create something as a team. “I really enjoy creating different pieces and if it’s useable, that’s even better! It definitely is a way to express myself. I’m not very good at painting but give me a bit of material and I’ll make anything.”


What was once a mandatory subject in schools is now virtually eradicated from the education curriculum. However, new trends are indicating that one’s ability to create and fix clothing will never go out of style. Google search data reveals a rising demand for sewing classes and indicates that Instagram influencers play a large role in inspiring the next generation to unlock their craft skills. The ability for someone to share their creations with the world are endless through the power of social media.


It would no doubt benefit the world around us if we all started to dream and create again… what will you make?