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Seachange Residents Bowl into Action

Playing bowls is a great leisure activity, and under the tutelage of Graeme Wicks, Seachange Riverside Coomera residents are quickly mastering the difference between ‘kissing the jack’ and ‘a heavy bowl’. Graeme was introduced to the ‘old man marbles’ by his father-in-law whilst on holiday in Wales in the United Kingdom. “I realised pretty quickly that it is a really challenging sport, much harder than I initially assumed,” he said. “The green is so variable as to how it runs, and you have to learn how much weight and pressure to apply in which direction because the ball does roll.”


After Graeme first arrived at Seachange, he found the bowls green only a few metres away from his house and shortly after volunteered for the resort’s coaching position. “When I was back from Wales, I asked a local bowls champion at my home club to coach me and started to develop my qualifications and experience. Bowls is now one of the most popular activities at Seachange Riverside Coomera, and the over 50s resort even holds its own tournaments. “The recent tournament, which included Single, Novice, Triple and Fancy-Dress competitions, was a way of bringing new and experienced bowlers together and it also encouraged the wonderful lady bowlers to participate that little bit more!”


Dave Flavell, featured in the pictures, was awarded Bowler of the Tournament. Graeme said ‘Dave truly exemplified the spirit of bowls which is all about gathering the community to have fun’. Seachange Riverside Coomera Community Manager Lynn Wild said the green has become the resort’s ‘heart of activity’. “The green is located right next to our wonderful Country Club, so the residents are able to go in and out of the Club to grab a cool drink from the bar whilst they are playing, it’s no wonder it has become so busy. The residents just love it.”