Our Vision

Over the next 25 years the number of Australians aged between 55 and 75 will nearly double to 5.3 million people, and the demand to provide quality living options will be enormous.

Our vision was to establish a benchmark in community living for seniors that would set the standard for everything to come.

Our desire to create this vision took us overseas, and it was in Florida in the United States that we found a refreshing new approach.

We took the principles behind what we saw and built a first class facility that operates as a lifestyle resort, filled with a calendar of interesting activities and events where like-minded residents can interact as a true community. One where people choose to live, not begrudgingly but willingly at a much earlier age. A place where you can focus on what should be the best time of your life.

This is the Seachange vision created especially for active over 50’s.

Our Mission

Much is said about the benefits of community living, and at its very core is a simple concept of like-minded people sharing common interests and interacting on a daily basis at many levels to enrich each other’s lives.

When we set out to create Seachange we decided on a number of essentials that would be at the very core of our community living model:

  • Establish the community in a location with a stunning climate where people dream of spending their golden years
  • Find a parcel of land close to established infrastructure for ease of transport, shopping, medical needs, and recreational pursuits
  • Create a spectacular 5-Star Country Club at the heart of the community that enriches your mind, body and soul
  • Build eco-friendly and smart energy efficient housing for a comfortable lifestyle
  • Utilise a medium-density housing model which weren’t apartments and make them affordable
  • Offer secure land tenure for all owners
  • Provide a secure gated community
  • Remove the maintenance and cost burdens of traditional home ownership

Seachange is a new community of like-minded people who own their own homes and help nourish each other’s mind, body and soul.


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