Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seachange Lifestyle Resort Toowoomba?

Seachange Lifestyle Resort Toowoomba is a master planned community that has set a new benchmark in over 50s living in the Toowoomba region. It is owned and operated by one of Queensland’s oldest and most awarded private development companies, Pradella Property Ventures. Situated on an elevated north facing parcel of land, with an expansive vista of the Darling Downs, this boutique community will feature 162 premium homes. The resort features a 5 star Country Club and Summer House filled with facilities so that you can make that change and love the way you live.

About the Developer

PPV Toowoomba Developments Pty Ltd (“the Developer”) has established a lifestyle resort designed for over 50’s, located at 99 Hampton Street, Harristown, Toowoomba, Queensland known as “Seachange Toowoomba” (“the Resort”). As at the date of issuing this document, the Developer intends to create 162 Sites, for 162 homes within the Resort at different stages, which is subject to change.

What does Seachange Offer?

Seachange Toowoomba offers a truly unique, secure and low maintenance lifestyle. A true community of like-minded residents with facilities that allow people to explore their passions and love the way they live.

Are there medical facilities nearby?

Yes. Seachange Toowoomba is within a short 7 minute drive to the Toowoomba Base Hospital and Allied Health Service Centre, which offer a vast array of general and specialty services.

Does Seachange offer security?

Yes, Seachange is fitted with intercoms, discrete security cameras and security access
to the main and ancillary gates. Also, professional on site managers mean your home will be safe whether you’re at home or travelling.

Can I keep a pet in my home?

Yes, Seachange recognises that owning a pet is an essential requirement for many home owners. All pets must be approved by the Resort Owner in line with the Seachange Pet Policy.

Can family and friends stay with me?

Yes. We understand that you may wish to have family or friends come to visit for the day, or perhaps stay with you for a short period of time. This period is up to 28 consecutive days. All you need to do is notify the Resort Owner of this. Your authorised guests must comply with the Community Rules at all times, and you will be responsible for all of your guests that visit or stay with you at your home during this period. You must be staying at the home during this time. If the person wishes to stay beyond this 28 day period, there are different rules that apply.

What are you buying?

You are contracting to purchase a Home that is to be built and constructed on a Site within the Resort.

What is a Site Agreement?

A site agreement is an agreement between you, as the home owner, and the Resort Owner for the occupation of the Site where your home will be positioned and your use of the resorts facilities. The site agreement provides you with security
of tenure over the site where your home is positioned. The security of tenure is protected by specific government legislation, being the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003 (as amended).

What is a site fee?

This fee covers the use of the Country Club, Summer House and all other indoor and outdoor amenities contained in the Site Agreement. The site fee also covers the cost of resort management personnel, maintenance of all common areas, including lawns and gardens up to your site area as defined in your Site Agreement.

What about other costs?

You are responsible for the supply and usage charges for all utilities connected to the home now or in the future including electricity, gas, water, waste water, telephone, internet, home and contents insurance and pest control.

Do I pay stamp duty on my Contract of Sale or Site Agreement?

No. An agreement to purchase a home to be positioned on a site under a site agreement is currently exempt in Queensland. However, your sale contract and site agreement must still be noted with ‘NIL’ stamp duty. 

If you are a foreign buyer, you may be subject to a form of stamp duty currently called the ‘Additional Foreign Acquirer Duty’. 

Will my site fee increase?

Your site fee is reviewed annually and may increase according to the terms of your Site Agreement.

Is it true that I may receive a government rebate on my weekly site fee?

Yes. If you are eligible for a pension or payments through Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs, you may be eligible for rental assistance on your site fee.
You should conduct your own enquiries through Centrelink.

Are there any exit fees?

No, this is not a retirement village. Seachange Toowoomba is a Lifestyle Resort designed for over 50’s. There are no exit fees or deferred management fees to pay if you decide to sell your home. If you do sell your home, you are entitled to keep any capital gains that you make. 

Who maintains the home and the site?

You are responsible to maintain your home, all lawns, trees, shrubs, grass, pipes, and all other utilities and services on your site, apart from the home frontage as nominated on each individual site plan. Maintenance of your home and site includes all fences surrounding or near the site.

Can I sell my home?

Yes, at any time. Before any proposed sale you will need to let the Resort Owner know. 

You may appoint the Resort Owner to sell the home for you, or appoint an external agent, or sell the home yourself. If you appoint the Resort Owner to sell your home, the Resort Owner is entitled to charge you commission for the sale.

Can I go travelling and leave my home vacant?

Yes, at any time with the peace of mind knowing your home is secure. If you intend to travel or know you will be absent for more than 12 weeks, you must give prior written notice to the Resort Owner.

Can I include my home in my will?

It may be that your home is left to the surviving home owner (where there is more than 1 home owner) or dealt with separately under the terms of your Will. You should seek independent legal advice in this regard.


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