Seachange Arundel News

06 Nov, 2017

Company History and Timeline

Seachange Lifestyle Resorts is owned and operated by Pradella Property Ventures, bringing with it almost 60 years of experience, knowledge and innovation. Founded in 1959 and still family owned, Pradella Property Ventures has long led the way in the pursuit of excellence in property development and is one of South East Queensland’s most-awarded, property development companies. Among its most notable …

25 Sep, 2017

Seachange; A philosophy, not a location

Most often, a seachange describes the move from a city in favour of a better life in a coastal community. At Seachange Lifestyle Resorts, we’ve taken this inherent concept of a change for the better and shaped it into our core philosophy; a true seachange is not just changing where you live, but how you live. “When we set out …

21 Mar, 2017

WATCH: From Inception to Completion

To celebrate the sellout success of Seachange Lifestyle Resorts Arundel, we have put together the following video for you to watch, showcasing progress from the very beginning until today.

21 Dec, 2016

Turn Up The Lights – The Famous Christmas Lights at Seachange Lifestyle Resorts.

There is something magical about walking through streets where rows of houses are all glowing with Christmas cheer. Both Seachange Emerald Lakes and Arundel communities are filled with stunning Christmas lights which twinkle and sparkle making it easy to see the magic of Christmas and the warmth of the holiday spirit amongst all residents.  When it comes to holiday festivities, …

06 Dec, 2016

Christmas ‘Lights’ up the Seachange Community

Seachange Lifestyle Resort residents at both Arundel and Emerald Lakes are putting the ‘Griswalds’ to shame with a dazzling display of Christmas lights and cheer that is lighting up the neighbourhoods, with all residents feeling the spirit of Christmas. It is purely and simply magical to see street after street twinkling and shining with such animated lights.  The community within …

30 Nov, 2016

Good Times Great Cause.

This year the Seachange Arundel Social Club organised three different events for the purpose of raising funds for a great cause; the Queensland arm of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.  The three diverse events allowed the community to be proactive in raising both awareness and funds for increasing life expectancy and improving the quality of life of patient’s families …

21 Nov, 2016

Fundraising Fun for our friends at Rosies.

Fundraising and giving back to the community is high on the agenda at Seachange Lifestyle Resorts Arundel.  With the continued commitment and support from the greater Seachange community led by the very capable duo of Brian and Di Dawson, the not for profit organisation – Rosies, received invaluable support and generous donations totalling $6000, this year. Seachange Arundel held two …

11 Nov, 2016

The University of Queensland, a Short Course on Mindfulness

“For men and women alike, this journey is the trajectory between birth and death, a human life lived. No one escapes the adventure. We only work with it differently.”-Jon Kabat-Zinn The University of Queensland are working with Seachange Lifestyle Resorts to present the Ageing Mind Initiative. A series of short courses, the latest presentation at Seachange Arundel on Monday 7th November …

24 Oct, 2016

Cruising the Kimberley with Gwyneth.

The Kimberley in Western Australia is a region like no other and with thanks to Seachange Lifestyle Resorts and APT Tours Gwyneth Thompson was the lucky winner of the referral competition. The big win, meant Gwyneth and her friend Michelle were fortunate enough to be able to experience cruising this unique and spectacular destination. Cruising the Kimberley provided Gwyneth with …

23 Sep, 2016

The Official Opening of the Seachange Arundel Community Garden!

The Hon Stuart Robert MP officially opened Seachange Arundel Community Garden on Tuesday 6th September.  The afternoon proceedings started off with a leisurely walk through the new established and renovated community garden, followed by a delightful garden tea party hosted by the residents.   The ambience for the afternoon was simply one of getting back to nature!  A vast array …