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Downsizing home upsizes Del’s lifestyle

Moving from a rural property to a two-bedroom duplex was a huge decision for Del McCoy, yet it’s proved a great lifestyle choice. Del sadly lost her husband Kevin three years ago and determined that while she still loved the large property she shared with him, she needed to make the big move so she could thrive in a new community. “I’m a fairly social person and it got a bit lonely with not many people around,” Del said.


So, the decision was made and she moved into Seachange Toowoomba in July last year. Over the nine months since, Del has become a keen participant in the activities available at the resort and country club, including lawn bowls and relaxing in the pool. “I really enjoy catching up with people for coffee and chats and getting to know them. I’ve met a lot of people who have come off the land who know people that I know,” she said. “I’ve made three or four really good friends. It’s the sort of place you can be social if you want to, but you don’t need to if you don’t, and you have your own private area to get away. I do miss the space of living on the land and being in a small rural community but it’s very quiet here, which I enjoy.”



“I also spend a lot of time with my two sons, one in Roma and the other in Goondiwindi, where I help muster the cattle and get my granddaughter to school and because I miss the farm life so much, I do a lot of farm sitting.” The independent 74-year-old also recently bought a 6m self-contained motorhome and spends plenty of time travelling to meet friends and go camping.