• Toowoomba

Bright Outlook For Three Lovely Ladies

Residents of Seachange Toowoomba may have thought they’d had one too many at the resort’s Happy Hour recently when they began to see triple! But, in fact, it was the resort’s three resident Outlook Girls – Chris Horne, Tracy Pukalis and Marilyn Schefe – who, thanks to a strange coincidence, were all wearing the same yellow top from designer TS (which stands for Taking Shape). The Outlook Girls earned their name because the three ladies reside side-by-side at the resort in Numbers 1, 2 and 3 on The Outlook.


While Marilyn was the first of the ladies to move into the resort, as soon as she met Chris (the second to do so) they discovered they both shared the same yellow shirt. Not long after, neighbour Tracy moved in and a day later was also spied wearing the same top … and the three realised they were on to something. “The following week we decided to all wear it to Happy Hour and everyone thought it was a new uniform,” Chris said. “Unfortunately, the weather turned too cold to make it a regular thing but once it warms up, we plan to all wear it again. “The funny thing is two of our husbands also have the same shirt, so we might have to get all three men involved in the fun. “And because it’s been winter, we really haven’t had a chance to explore each other’s wardrobes but there’s a good chance we might all have other tops the same as we all like the TS brand. They have nice, bright wearable clothes and we get lots of compliments on them.”


Chris said the Outlook Girls enjoy being involved in the many activities the resort has to offer including Trivia, Qigong classes, fundraising activities, singing, craft activities, bowls and lunches, and there’s a good chance the shirts will come in handy to create a nice team atmosphere for competitions. “It’s great living there. There’s always something on – that’s the beauty of this place. You are never bored so you can either do as much as you like or not do anything at all. I love it. “And as it’s a relatively young resort there’s people moving in every week so there’s always some new to meet.”