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A Seachange change is as good as a holiday

You know you are doing something right when your buyers love the Seachange lifestyle so much they move from one resort to another. That’s exactly what Matty and David Flavel did when they moved from Seachange Emerald Lakes, where they had lived for two-and-a-half years, to Seachange Riverside Coomera. “We were drawn to the community at Emerald Lakes and all it had to offer but then we decided Coomera was for us in terms of the more rural-like setting, as opposed to the Lakes’ more cosmopolitan one,” Matty said.


And while they’ve now also been living in Coomera for two-and-a-half years, it doesn’t mean they will be going anywhere else any time soon. “No, we’re not planning on another move … this is it … we like it here too much,” David said. One of the main drawcards, according to Matty, was the thriving community literally on the doorstep and especially having people they can rely on and friends they can relax with. “The concept and the facilities are fantastic. We love the lifestyle, that it’s on the river and it offers an incredibly quiet, country-style life,” she said. “It was the country atmosphere that really drew us here because it is like a rural setting but so close to everything still. We love it.”



The couple have been making the most of Riverside Coomera’s facilities with David regularly lawn bowling and playing bocce while Matty enjoys line dancing and arts and crafts. They also enjoy swimming in the village’s two pools, walking around the nearby Coomera Lakes, trivia nights and dinners out with their new group of friends. In addition, they are able to have solar power at Coomera and now never receive an electricity bill. In fact, they are actually owed money!


“We really enjoyed living at Emerald Lakes. It was a different atmosphere than here, a different neighbourhood feel,” Matty said. “It’s got a much more rural feel here – it’s like the city vs country. We loved Emerald Lakes – in fact, David still plays golf there – but we also love it here and we won’t be moving again.”