A brighter future

07 May, 2019

You’ve worked hard and now you want to relax and start your next adventure. When it comes to choosing your next home, you want to do more and worry less. Buying into Seachange Lifestyle Resort Toowoomba gives you one less thing to worry about – high electricity bills.

Our electricity partner, Flow Systems Pty Ltd (Flow) will help you save up to 25% on your electricity bills.

Flow are offering our residents at Seachange Toowoomba the lowest price in the marketplace in your distribution area right now. Choosing a local incumbent electricity retailer would cost nearly $2,000 per year at current prices, but Flow’s modelling indicates that it can save you almost 25% of that.

Flow will also put in place a system that will help future-proof your home against rising electricity costs, with up to 50% of the electricity consumed at the Resort generated on-site by rooftop solar systems and stored in batteries.

Flow understands how rising electricity costs have impacted people and are looking at all measures to help keep costs low for homeowners and residents at Seachange Lifestyle Resort Toowoomba. These measures include an embedded electrical network. These networks can help owners and residents through:

  • use the bulk buying power to secure better pricing, so reducing community levies for common property areas
  • no lock-in contracts or exit fees
  • cost savings on your electricity rates compared to available standing charges of major retailers.

For more information please call our sales consultants at Seachange Lifestyle Resort Toowoomba on 1800 046 500. You can also visit our sales office located at 99 Hampton Street, Toowoomba from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 5pm.


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