Toowoomba Retirement Villages vs Active Lifestyle Resorts

14 Jan, 2019

When it comes to over 50s living and retiring in Toowoomba, there are a number of options available. Depending on the stage of your retirement and how active you are, two main options to consider are retirement villages and active lifestyle communities.

Both alternatives offer your own private home, shared facilities, social engagement and low maintenance—however there are also some key differences to be aware of.

Associated Costs & Fees

Moving into a lifestyle community rather than a retirement village offers a few key differences in the financial structure that will make a big difference to your financial position in the future.

Retirement villages offer a variety of different purchase structures and are all different—some villages are lease hold, some free hold or some are strata title. When entering a retirement village you usually pay a one off entry contribution fee, or purchase price for your home or unit and then you pay a monthly service or body corporate fee. In a retirement village, you may only be able to sell through the village management and you may be required to pay refurbishment fees, share your capital gains with the village owner and/or pay an exit or deferred management fee. This ultimately can leave you with a lot less money and fewer options to move forward.

In an over 50s lifestyle community, like Seachange Lifestyle Resorts, you purchase your own home within the resort and pay a fee to lease the land upon which it resides. This ongoing costs is referred to as a site fee and covers not only the lease of the land on which your home resides, but also the maintenance of the garden and lawn to the front of your home, all common areas and the beautiful recreational facilities at the resort. Because you are paying a lease or rental fee for the land where your home resides, you may be eligible for rent assistance on these site fees making the ongoing costs even more affordable.

One of the biggest differences between retirement villages and an over 50s resort is if you ever want to leave Seachange Toowoomba, you can sell your home at any time. You have the option of appointing the resort’s sales team to sell the home for you, or an external real estate agent, or you can always sell it yourself.  In doing so, you will not have to pay any exit fees and you receive 100% capital gain achieved on the sale of your home.

Varying Levels of Care

A retirement home, village or private aged care facility in Toowoomba may provide a higher level of on-site medical care. This is ideal for individuals and couples who require this.

An over 50’s lifestyle community like Seachange puts more of a focus on providing facilities and activities for residents who enjoy an active lifestyle. While not having on-site medical support, Seachange Toowoomba is positioned within a short 7 minute drive to the Toowoomba Base Hospital and Allied Health Centre. Both facilities offer a vast array of general and specialty services so this is a great asset to the Seachange Toowoomba community, in the event that help is ever needed. 

The people you want to socialise with, level of care you require and your investment strategy will greatly influence your decision on which retirement property and community model that you choose.

At Seachange, the residents generally live healthy, active lifestyles and enjoy socialising and making the most of the 5-star facilities. If you are currently researching your retirement options, why not arrange a free tour of the Seachange Toowoomba property, to see the facilities and home layouts for yourself?