Good Times Great Cause.

30 Nov, 2016

This year the Seachange Arundel Social Club organised three different events for the purpose of raising funds for a great cause; the Queensland arm of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.  The three diverse events allowed the community to be proactive in raising both awareness and funds for increasing life expectancy and improving the quality of life of patient’s families and carers in respect to Prostate Cancer.

Residents opting to be involved stood together and all got behind this fundraising in various ways.  The men proudly grew moustaches and in doing so sought out sponsorship to have their moustaches shaved off. A resident Colin Howard, himself, proudly raised $325 for growing and shaving his moustache, stating, “I am passionate about the cause.”

A lunch, with entertainment sponsored by Seachange Lifestyle Resorts, and a large raffle comprising of 52 prizes, also proved to be popular with 260 residents in attendance.  Residents Beryl and Bruce Ackroyd actively supported and enjoyed all three fundraising events especially the ‘Lions Den’ show, which was their personal highlight.

The Lions Den Performance

Without a doubt the ‘Lions Den’ show proved to be most popular with approximately 300 residents and their family and friends in attendance, singing along, toe tapping and getting caught up in the energetic and vibrant show. The fusion between fundraising for such a worthy cause and entertaining a mass audience enabled for an emotionally charged memorable event held for an unforgettable and important cause.

According to Brian, “hosting such three diverse fundraising events for such a worthy cause was a no brainer.”  Both Brian and Di have found fundraising for Prostate Cancer to be both fun and more importantly so very rewarding.  “The cause clearly struck a chord within the community with a sell-out crowd to the final event, raising a staggering record sum for $13,310,” as Brian so humbly stated.  The Seachange community certainly are not sitting in silence- they are making a difference the best way they know how, by uniting as one!


Colin Howard raised much needed funds growing his ‘mo’ pictured with Julie enjoying the Lions Den show


Di and Joy at the box office


The sell out crowd at the Lions Den show


The Lions Den performers