Why Swimming is so Healthy for Seniors

14 Dec, 2015

In our Arundel lifestyle retirement village, Seachange Arundel, we have a swimming pool and it gets used a lot. That is for two reasons. First, it is fun. Second, swimming is great exercise that helps keep seniors healthy. Here’s why.

Low Impact on Joints

Swimming may be the perfect exercise for those who have joint problems and don’t want to hurt them further. There is no traumatic stress on the hips, knees, ankles or back when swimming because they aren’t bearing weight or slamming into the pavement like what happens in jogging or running.

Increases Flexibility

While most people think you have to do stretching to increase your flexibility, swimming also increases it because you are stretching without even knowing it. Increasing flexibility can increase coordination and give you better posture, less soreness, less back pain and fewer injuries.

Tones Muscles

Water provides twelve times as much resistance as air does. In addition, swimming forces you to use almost every muscle in your body. Even if you are just walking on the bottom of the pool, you are getting great exercise due to the resistance of the water. This builds your strength, muscle tone and self-confidence.

Less Chance of Osteoporosis

Swimming makes your bones bear weight, making you less likely to suffer from osteoporosis. After the age of 50, approximately 33% of women and 20% of men experience at least one fracture of a bone due to osteoporosis. Swimming makes it less likely.

Healthy Heart

Swimming is an aerobic exercise. In other words, when you swim, you help your heart become larger, stronger and pump blood more efficiently. This reduces inflammation in your arteries and reduces your chances of coronary heart disease.

Better Mental Health

Swimming can actually improve your mental health because it can improve mood levels and reduce stress. Swimming is also a great way to be around people and avoid isolation.

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