Testimonial – David & Thea Vincent

16 Oct, 2008

Permanent Honeymoon

MORE than 46 years after proposing on Surfers Paradise beach, David Vincent and wife Thea have finally returned to the Gold Coast for the sake of family, finances and a ‘permanent honeymoon’. Vincent

The lifelong Sydneysiders are now so sold on their luxury lifestyle at Seachange Village Arundel they’ve even headed south to sell the over-50s resort to their former NSW neighbours.

Mrs Vincent said top of their Seachange selling points was the community’s newly opened multi-million-dollar country club. She said the club had already become the heart of the village and cemented the community atmosphere they had quickly come to love.

“We lived in the same house in Sydney for 45 years and had an amazing network of neighbours and friends who we were very worried to leave,” said Mrs Vincent.

“David actually proposed to me on Surfers beach 46 years ago but we really hadn’t been back so I didn’t know quite what to expect.

“But within weeks of arriving at Seachange we were organising street parties and making new and fantastic friends.
“Now with the country club open it makes it even easier to catch up with everybody.

“The best thing is you never have to worry about imposing on somebody – you can come and go from the club as you please.” However, Mr Vincent said the couple had not forgotten their old friends down south.

He said they were taking a video of Seachange Village and all its features and facilities with them to Sydney to convince their friends to also make the move.

“We moved here because it makes financial sense, we’re close to our daughter and her children and we love the holiday lifestyle on the Gold Coast,” he said.

“We want to show our friends just what they’re missing, it’s like a permanent holiday or honeymoon here.
“Our masterplan is to recreate our old Sydney neighbourhood on the streets of Seachange Village – and with the country club now open we’ve definitely got an ace up our sleeve.”

David & Thea Vincent