Emerald Lakes

Playing for Bragging Rights at the Third Annual Seachange Golf Day

28 Oct, 2016

More than 100 golfers of all skill levels and expertise from both Seachange Emerald Lakes and Arundel teed up in teams to compete at the immaculate Emerald Lakes Golf Course. Perfect sunny Gold Coast weather, the day forced all golfers to find their ‘A’ game in order to be competitive!

All golfers in their team colours came together for the third annual Seachange Emerald Lakes Golf Day and awards dinner on Wedndesday 19th October. This golf tournament is an opportunity for the Seachange greater community to come together for a social and spirited day of golf and for all to dig deep into their pockets raising money for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Perfect Weather

The day started out with picture perfect golfing weather conditions. The golf buggies lined up in many rows and the various players arrived eager and ready for the friendly rivalry between Seachange Emerald Lakes players and Seachange Arundel players. Seachange Lifestyle Resort employees helped organise the day and played alongside residents and suppliers making a fun day with plenty of friendly competition.

Playing for ‘bragging rights’ and helping a good cause

Whilst amongst Seachange residents, this occasion was about playing for “bragging rights” this event certainly benefits a good charitable cause. It wasn’t long before the course was alive with the sounds of animated hoots and much laughter. However somewhere along the line strategy went out the window possibly after the first round of pre golf drinks, shouted by Seachange Lifestyle Resorts (or was that a strategy on the Seachange employee’s team’s behalf?) With many thirsty golfers during the golfing day, this friendly match erupted into a healthy competition on the greens where the teams were playing and going to extremes to claim the coveted trophy.

And the winner is…

Seachange Emerald Lakes claimed for the first time both its golf bragging rights and the coveted championship trophy by a mere 15 points, a win is a win! Entering the friendly golf tournament Emerald Lakes was seen as the underdog. Elaine Clout, a keen golfer from Seachange Emerald Lakes had a very clear game play in her sights – “hit and hope.” Whereas Greg Davis from Seachange Arundel oozed confidence in stating his strategy was “shutty eyes and hit the ball.”

Resident tournament organisers from Seachange Sue Absell-Hagan (Emerald Lakes) and Bob Parmenter (Arundel) in conjunction with the Seachange Community Managers Tony and Di are to be commended for organising and hosting such a fun successful day both on and off the green. Whilst Emerald Lakes holds on tight to their magnificent trophy and the bragging rights that go along with it, no doubt the Fred Hollows Foundation was the big winner of this day with the third annual Seachange Golf Day raising $1,032 for the cause.



Seachange Arundel and Emerald Lakes residents Bob and Sue holding the trophy with Seachange Lifestyle Resort CEO Phil Goodman


Ready to play!


Seachange Arundel Community Manager Tony collecting donations for Fred Hollows


Seachange Lifestyle Resort Emerald Lakes the lucky winner