The Official Opening of the Seachange Arundel Community Garden!

23 Sep, 2016

The Hon Stuart Robert MP officially opened Seachange Arundel Community Garden on Tuesday 6th September.  The afternoon proceedings started off with a leisurely walk through the new established and renovated community garden, followed by a delightful garden tea party hosted by the residents.


The ambience for the afternoon was simply one of getting back to nature!  A vast array of residents took the time to show off their beautiful community garden to all in attendance.  This garden is for the resident’s family and friends alike to enjoy, treasure, develop, improve and importantly love.   The residents were in their elements in their new community garden, with all quick to discuss, eager to explain and with all taking pride answering questions. Connie Glover a long term resident mentioned that, “every time I come, there is something different to see – a new type of lettuce, newly laid herb beds, and features to appeal to different residents”.


John Cowan proudly walked both the Hon Stuart Robert MP and Phil Goodman throughout the garden. The Hon Stuart Robert MP commented on John’s enthusiasm and knowledge which was so refreshing to see and simply stated, “there is just something beautiful about a community garden and it is clearly evident with the funding received that Seachange Arundel is making a difference within their community”.


During the formalities of the afternoon John spoke of how this community garden will provide many opportunities for recreation and exercise, from a simple stroll amongst the plants, to the day to day work of maintaining the garden– exercise carried out in friendly company, with a real sense of satisfaction and purpose.  He also spoke of the impact this garden has already had on the community, “…already access to this garden has had positive impacts on people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.  There are as many ways of starting and maintaining a community garden as there are gardeners and with the vision commitment and dedication and help of Mike Cecil and many others we are very proud of our community garden”.


The community garden, within Seachange Arundel, is a great way to grow food, foster good health, support learning, and cultivate vibrant friendships. Undoubtedly through connection to this community garden the residents are growing together as a community and loving their garden and in doing so nurturing their mind body and soul.