Residents unite to flourish new community garden

17 Aug, 2016

Over the past two months residents of Seachange Arundel have rolled up their sleeves to get dirty whilst reconditioning a community garden after receiving a generous community grant from the Governments Healthy Communities Initiative.

John Cowan, also known as JC the Garden Gnome, is the resident Project Manager of the community garden and he was assisted by fellow resident Dianne Cecil who played an integral role in submitting the application to receive a community grant for the garden.

Dianne proudly states “All residents can benefit from the new community garden, whether it is simply a walk through the garden, watering plants, learning about the growing of diverse vegetation or simply admiring the beauty of the garden.”

John, a keen and passionate gardener was thrilled to receiving the grant as he sees the community garden a place that will encourage active hands on participation and collaboration, uniting residents through common interests and a love for gardening. John added, “This garden has already created positive social interaction with residents showing a keen interest and working well together as a team to see the garden flourish.”

garden tools

From the very beginning, the aim of the community garden was to establish and construct a productive garden precinct.  It is wonderful to see the community spirit that has arisen from the project as the garden builds a sense of community and belonging amongst residents and allows them to nourish their mind, body and soul.