The end of an era…

29 Jul, 2016

On Thursday 14th July Seachange Lifestyle Resorts Arundel hosted a Welcome Centre Demolition Party for all residents who have volunteered their time over the past six years in the Welcome Centre. The party was a perfect time to acknowledge each and every volunteer who has contributed to the many events, functions and activities to welcome new guests to the community.

Welcome Centre members, in their role as ambassadors came to the party in their blue shirts alongside the sales team and were filled with excitement not only for the party but for what the Welcome Centre has achieved and what lies ahead for the community.

Lin Seesink, a longtime volunteer and Welcome Centre Coordinator stood tall amongst all volunteers with such pride and satisfaction as to what they have achieved together. Lin humbly states, “It is great to see such commitment from volunteers and the ownership for all that they have contributed to in this community, in the past, present and for the future.”

Lee and Jill Cropped

According to Jill Reynolds another resident volunteer, “The Welcome Centre held such a loving atmosphere where Seachange sales staff and Welcome Centre volunteers worked together side by side and played an integral part in growing the community.”

The Demolition Party was about celebrating and recognising the strength of resident volunteers and their positivity towards the community particularly the work they have done in showcasing their lifestyle at Seachange Arundel, because simply, they love the way they live. Through dedication, commitment and passion these volunteers have been an important piece of the Welcome Centre and building the community to what it is today.