The Spirit Lives On

26 May, 2016

Anzac Day is a day that remains the most important national occasion for both Australians and New Zealanders, alike. Seachange Lifestyle Resorts Arundel, through its six committee members are also devoted to the cause of commemorating Anzac Day. These members create the framework of the Anzac Day ceremony held at Seachange Arundel’s Anzac Square.  Mike Wicks, the Chairman of this committee, understands first hand being a veteran himself, the importance of paying homage to the fallen soldiers and in doing so, invite and include the greater community to participate and be actively included in the Anzac proceedings.

RAAF C17A Globemaster

This year the Anzac Day Service saw two prominent Gold Coast Schools, The Southport School Naval Cadets and AB Patterson College alongside the West Centenary Scout Group all come together united, to appreciate, pay tribute and to honour the fallen.  Wreathes were laid, heartfelt speeches were delivered and the residents Anzac choir sang with passion throughout the service. On loan from the Gold Coast War Museum were large glass displays of war memorabilia for all to appreciate.  However, during the service itself, all in attendance were fortunate to witness the most spectacular, breathtaking sight and sound of a C17A Globemaster doing a flyover at 500 metres, directly over Seachange Arundel.  All 420 in attendance held their breath in awe, wander and pure amazement as they realised how privileged they were to witness such a prestigious ‘bird’ in the sky, the C17A Globemaster.  What a surprise bonus and auspicious highlight to such a memorable day filled with tradition, memories and moments.

When asking Mike what does the future hold for Anzac ceremonies within the Seachange Arundel community, he very humbly states, “our possibilities are endless and our options are open for the future of remembering our fallen service men and women…they must and will be remembered…Lest We Forget!”

2016 Anzac Day Service

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