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Balance is Key – Meet the Seachange Lifestyle Resorts team

03 May, 2016

Crossfit is the new fitness and lifestyle buzzword in the training arena and certainly a new concept within the community of Seachange and one that Peter Weiss, Construction Manager at Seachange Lifestyle Homes, lives by day in and day out. Crossfit clearly supports the demands he faces on a daily basis on the work site, back in the office and on the training ground. Peter, though extremely modest, has managed to take his crossfit career to great heights on both a national scale ranking very recently in the top 10 for his age group 50-55 in Australia and globally Peter has been known to be sitting ‘pretty’ within the top 30.

Gymnastics, weightlifting and running are just a few components of and elements to Crossfit movement training. Crossfit is a program that is specifically designed to improve health through movement at relatively high intensity. Peter started this fitness regime only in the last eighteen months and his training commitment of daily early morning training (and let us stress the words ‘daily’ and ‘early’) and three afternoon training sessions, shows such commitment and dedication.

He constantly employs a varied approach to training, functional movements and intensity which enables Peter dramatic gains in his fitness, which then enables him to confidently enter competitions on a regular basis at a highly competitive level. Crossfit, summed up by Peter, “is based on a community, where likeminded people train together, just like the over 50s community within Seachange”. Goal and data driven, Peter within his position of Construction Manager has high standards to maintain and time restrictions to work around on a daily basis under pressure.

It is no surprise that his training regime of Crossfit parallel his work ethic with the way he is motivated and keeps data and scores. Both, in his work life and exercise regime Peter measures, records and monitors with always a keen eye on how to improve. Basically, Peter is out to forge measurable consistent results in both dynamics of work life and fitness training.

Peter, like so many residents at Seachange, with the mindset of living it large through a healthy lifestyle, within his age dynamic of over 50s is dedicated to both advancement of health and athletic performance. He keenly realises performance in crossfit training directly affects his performance as a Construction Manager and the vital role he plays within a lifestyle based community keen on loving the way they live at Seachange.

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