Emerald Lakes

Here Comes The Bride

26 Apr, 2016

Don’t we all love the soothing sound of bells, an old fashioned love story, a happy ending and the occasional wedding is always a bonus. Put all these elements together and we have a best seller, a hit movie and a very happy couple living and loving life together within the Seachange community, where they met. This story plays out like a Hollywood movie, reads like a romance novel and sounds too good to be true. But trust me this love story is five years in the making and in a matter of weeks this couple will be married before close family and friends and this is a first for both Seachange Arundel and Emerald Lakes. Love is in the air and excitement is building!

Sue and Stuart are so very eager and thrilled for their upcoming wedding at the end of the month and rightly so. They finish each other’s sentences, they smile continuously at each other and they both have ‘the spark’ – this is truly a lovely couple who are in love and owe it all to and thank Seachange Lifestyle Resorts.

Both, Sue and Stuart were long-time residents at Seachange Arundel and this is where this love story starts and flourished. Sue, with a twinkle in her eye says that Stuart is her ‘perfect match’ and that he is the one she has always been in search of. Look no further as this perfectly matched couple is home and so happy at Seachange Emerald Lakes after making the switch sixteen months ago to start and continue their life together.

Upon their engagement they decided a new location was in order and it was a simple decision to make moving from Seachange Arundel to Seachange Emerald Lakes, on the lake. They thrive in this over 50s community based lifestyle and attribute their happiness to Seachange as it was within this community that they met and well, love blossomed. Both agree that the lifestyle offered at, Seachange Arundel and Emerald Lakes is conducive to socialising, functions and simply meeting like-minded people at a stage in their life where they want to live, feel safe and be happy each day, together. Both communities of course raise their glass to the happy couple and wish them well – cheers to the newlyweds!