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26 Apr, 2016

On April 25th, ANZAC Day, every year Australians young and old come together to honour soldiers, their deeds and their wide experience of war, and this is where this story begins. This is the story of a humble, unassuming, yet distinguished and honourable man who has been decorated with an Order of Australia Medal (OAM). Clive Mitchell Taylor OAM, along with his wife, Margaret, are both very active residents within the over 50s community of Seachange Arundel, and have been for the better part of five years.

This Anzac Day (2016), Clive will be leading the 8th Battalion on the march through Brisbane, an honour that is bestowed to few and one that is not to be taken lightly; a role that Clive is very proud to carry out as this year commemorates the 50th year anniversary of the forming of this Battalion. In conjunction with leading the March, Clive is also delivering a speech at the dawn service at The Enoggera Barracks.

Clive within the Army ranks has held a variety of positions from Private to Major. Upon retirement he has been heavily involved with the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (VVAA) in the capacities of President, Treasurer and Secretary to very briefly mention merely a few of his connections with Ex-Service Veterans. Therefore, Clive is more than capable to keep the connection strong within the thirtytwo (32) veterans that all reside within this community and whom proudly call Seachange Arundel home.

Whilst Margaret stresses that Clive is ‘stepping back’ from his various duties and positions and basic involvement with the VVAA, the community within Seachange Arundel allows him to keep his passion strong and current. Clive finds purpose, strength and friendships through this community and his involvement, that can but only be applauded. Such a proud man, Clive is quick to down play and make light of his association and experience during his enlistment, his commitment with the VVAA and currently his involvement within the Seachange Arundel community. Clearly Clive and Margaret are endeared residents of this community and they proudly call it home and after spending years on the move, Clive takes a deep breath and states…“We are home and we are so happy” at Seachange Arundel.

It is here that Clive remembers every day not just on ANZAC Day, and he will continue to remember, and it is through his lifetime of contributions to Australia through the Army ranks and the VVAA that the younger generation will not forget. Seachange Arundel is so very proud of all Clive’s contributions past, present and ongoing, to Australia and importantly this community

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Clive Mitchell-Taylor OAM proudly showing off his service medals

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The Seachange Songbirds in full flight at this year’s Seachange Arundel Anzac Day service.

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Anzac Day ceremony at Seachange Arundel 2016


Anzac Day ceremony at Seachange Arundel 2016