Ship Ahoy…

29 Apr, 2016

From one community to the next! John and Marion Briggs are frequent travellers aboard cruise ships, which is a community on the ocean as opposed from the community they reside in and are a part of at Seachange Arundel.

It’s a no brainer when it comes to taking a holiday on board a ship (not a boat), according to John and Marion who have recently returned from cruising in style on the English ship the Aurora that took them from Brisbane to Okinawa (Japan) via Darwin, Philippines, Shanghai and Taiwan over a three week period. John and Marion are without a doubt living it large, and enjoying the way the way they live.

With the bonus of being able to lock up and leave knowing that their home is secure gives them such peace of mind and in doing so they are able to ‘jump on board’ as in board the ship stress free. That certainly is a clear benefit to being residents within the Seachange Arundel community. John is quick to point out that cruising is a form of travel that is largely based around a community with friendships that are forged through common interests.

According to John, “Akin to living in a community environment- a cruise allows you to do what you want to do with who you want to do it with. Options and opportunities are there to be taken and therefore what you get out of a cruise, is the same in community based living – it is up to you!” When asked about their next cruise, John and Marion are already thinking over their options and plans are certainly in the forefront of their mind. For now they are living the dream and living like they are on holiday each day minus the ‘boat’ and the ocean for the moment, thanks to the community of Seachange Arundel.

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John and Marion enjoying their cruise on the Aurora.