Emerald Lakes

Turn Social Isolation into Social Inclusion at a Lifestyle Resort in Emerald Lakes

15 Mar, 2016

One of the reasons we believe we are the best lifestyle resort on the Gold Coast is because of how friendly every one of our residents is to each other here. We built Seachange Emerald Lakes on the principles of ‘nourish your mind, body and soul’. So far, we have been a smashing success.

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of social inclusion and interaction for those over 50s. To make a long story short, being socially engaged every day helps you have a longer, happier life. The other side of the coin is social isolation, which you want to avoid at all costs.

According to Professor Andrew Beer, Director for the Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning,“social isolation is equivalent to the health effects of smoking 15 cigarettes a day or consuming more than six alcoholic drinks daily.”

Professor Beer cited research estimating that more than one out of five older Australians could be classified as “socially isolated.” This can cause effects such as depression, insomnia and a higher rate of health problems such as high blood pressure and other conditions that seem to beset seniors.

Active Adult Living in Emerald Lakes

We won’t delve any deeper into the statistics. We all know them for what they are. Fortunately, you can choose right now to put yourself onto a path of having a happy, healthy life if you aren’t there already.

Social Inclusion

One of the best ways to do that, if you are over 50, is to join a growing legion of happy seniors here at Seachange Emerald Lakes. We offer so many opportunities for social interaction that you would really have to make a serious effort not to interact on a daily basis.

First of all, everyone here is a lot like you. They are over 50s who wanted an active, friendly community in which they can socialise and exercise with like-minded people. The result is a close-knit community where everyone knows each other; new people are welcomed enthusiastically and warmly.

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