Emerald Lakes

Over 50s Resort Promo: Refer a Friend and Win a Cruise

08 Dec, 2015

Referring a friend to our over 50s resort may be the easiest way you’ll ever get to take a cruise.

1. Register yourself and a friend online for the ‘Win a $25,000 Kimberley Cruise’ promotion
2. Both yourself and your friend visit one of our over 50s resorts on the Gold Coast.
3. Be in the draw to win.

That’s the short version. Here are some details.

You Deserve a Seachange

If you are 50 or older and you are active, we have built the perfect over 50s resort for you, on the Gold Coast.

Seachange Arundel and Emerald Lakes are built for active seniors who want to enjoy the rest of their lives with like-minded people in a world class over 50s resort.

Why You Want to Visit Seachange Arundel or Emerald Lakes

When we started Seachange Lifestyle Resorts, we conducted extensive research in retirement villages across the world.

We decided to change that. We wanted to build a retirement village where people would be ringing our phones off the hook because they wanted to live here. We wanted people over 50 to enjoy their lives and feel like all of that hard work they put in was worth it. In Florida, we finally found a lifestyle community that we would want to live in ourselves.

When we got back home, we wanted to be like that community, but even better. The results were Seachange Arundel and Emerald Lakes.

5 Star Facilities

The first thing we decided to do was build our communities around 5-Star facilities. Both of our locations are much more like an over 50s resort than the typical “lifestyle community.”

Seachange Arundel

In the award winning Seachange Arundel, our 5-Star Country Club is built to make residents feel they are in an extension of their living room. We want our residents to nourish their minds, bodies and souls at the Country Club, so we have provided the best in food, beverage, entertainment and sports facilities. These include a floodlit tennis court, a heated indoor pool and spa, championship lawn bowls, putting greens, a tennis pavilion, a steam room, a sports bar, pool tables, meeting rooms, a business centre facility, a residents’ kitchen, a dance floor, a wine cellar and much, much more.

Seachange Emerald Lakes

With the same mission as that of Seachange Arundel, the facilities are similar but retain their own unique identity. The facilities at Seachange Emerald Lakes include a gymnasium, indoor pool, outdoor pool, massage room, tennis court, steam room & sauna, fully equipped kitchen, BBQ facilities, dining facilities with stage area, cinema, arts & crafts room, bar, club lounge, dining room and more.

5 Star Lifestyle

We built Seachange on the principles of friendship, fun and fitness. Both lifestyle resorts are built to promote exercise and an active lifestyle. The residents are friendly and always ready to welcome more like-minded people to help make your retirement memorable.

It is easy to make action and interaction a regular part of your daily routine at both Seachange Over 50s Lifestyle Resorts. Within days, it is more likely than not that you will meet people who will be your friends for the rest of your lives. People over 50 have things in common that younger generations won’t understand. You never have to explain yourself at Seachange because your neighbours have lived through many of the same things you have.

Great Locations

At Seachange Resorts, you are within 5-10 minutes of golf, shopping, a railroad, the beaches and everything else the Gold Coast has to offer. While your town centre or country club in either community is wonderful, it’s always great to get out and enjoy Gold Coast amenities.

Call Seachange Emerald Lakes Over 50s Resort Today

Register, refer a friend and visit either of our communities and you may win a cruise. We promise you’ll enjoy the visit just like so many before you have. Call us today to learn more: 1800 559 669.