How to Keep Playing Golf Well into Your Senior Years

11 Dec, 2015

In our active adult community, Seachange Arundel, we have a lot of seniors who still play golf. We are within 20 minutes of four golf courses and we have a putting green in the community. One of the main concerns we all have when we get older is how to keep playing the game we love for as long as possible and still be able to play well enough to make it enjoyable.

Here are some tips for playing golf well into your senior years.

Accept Your Limitations and Make Concessions

As you get older, you are going to lose some distance because you will lose some strength and flexibility. In addition, golf can start to hurt more as we get older, with aches and pains seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Our solution: accept your limitations as the “new normal.” Try to stay as fit as you can, but you will also need to make some concessions.

When you start to lose swing speed, you may go from a stiff shaft to a regular shaft and eventually to a senior shaft. You won’t be able to swing a 9 degree lofted driver anymore, so you will probably progress to a 10.5, a 12 or even a 13 if you can order custom clubs. You might find it better to throw out your driver and use a 3-wood off the tee.

The idea is going to be to get around the course pain free and keep it in the fairway, even if you hit a shorter distance.

Your Short Game is Your Best Friend

When you can’t reach an average par 4 in two anymore, you will need to work on your short game. If you can master your wedge and putter from 50 yards and in, you will still be able to turn in some nice scores, even in your 80’s.

If you would like to live in an active adult community in Arundel that is close to four golf courses, call us Seachange Arundel today: 1800 652 797.