Seachange’s Spring Milestones

04 Nov, 2015

The word Seachange was carefully chosen as our brand. Seachange Over 50s Lifestyle Resorts speaks to the core promise of what we set out to achieve and how we differentiate ourselves.

Inherent in the concept of a Seachange lies a promise, that there will be a change for the better. We like to say ‘it’s not just about changing where you live but how you live’. 

As the vision keepers, Seachange Project Director Phil Goodman, and I had our first ‘Seachange Moment’ studying retirement living in the USA where we realised we were looking at it the wrong way. We found a striking difference between those parks that viewed themselves as Retirement Communities and those that viewed themselves as Active Adult Communities. The latter ones, put simply, were having the time of their lives. We like to call it ‘love the way you live’. 

The paradigm shift in how we approach senior’s living is based on a fundamental belief that an active adult is a happy and healthy adult. 

At Seachange Arundel we set a new benchmark for over 50s living and it is now the most awarded over 50s lifestyle resort in Queensland. We have set out to raise the benchmark again at Seachange Emerald Lakes which is evident in the opening of Australia’s best country club to facilitate the enriching of residents’ minds, bodies and souls in this new community. 

We were privileged to have renowned Australian Demographer, Bernard Salt in attendance for this auspicious occasion. Mr Salt stated he was in awe of Seachange’s ability to deliver on its stated vision of creating the benchmark in Over 50s Lifestyle Resorts.   

We are also very proud to have been awarded the 2015 Master Builders Housing and Construction – Lifestyle Accommodation for Seniors award this year. 

This is an amazing achievement that clearly underlines the hard work and commitment we have made in creating a new benchmark for over 50s living in Australia. 

We are poised for a bright future as the brand continues to grow and prosper. It’s an exciting time and we look forward to welcoming the next chapter for Seachange.

David Pradella
Managing Director