Why Seachange Arundel Residents Cruise Together

28 Oct, 2015

In an active adult community like Seachange Village Arundel, our residents have everything they need right in the community to have a great life. That being said, they love taking advantage of our Gold Coast location to find other things to do, too. One of the most fun things for a lot of our residents is cruising.

So, why do our residents like to cruise together? It starts with our original vision when we created Seachange Arundel. We created Seachange Arundel to be a world class over 50’s resort where like-minded people could become a community. It is a place where people live because they want to, in an area where many dream of living.

Have Fun with Friends

Because of our commitment to our core principles of friendship, fun and fitness, our residents develop a great network of friends with whom they can enjoy everything life has to offer. Our 5-star country club and our Village Green combine to offer activities such as tennis, swimming, lawn bowling, BBQ and many other opportunities to interact.

In addition, we are situated right next to Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area, which is a great place to walk, whether for pleasure, exercise or both. While our residents love it here, they also love to partake in other activities such as the numerous golf courses in the area or a trip to the beach.

The Perfect Getaway

Once in a while, it’s nice to take advantage of one of the three cruise lines that operate in the Brisbane area. Cruises are a great way to “get away” from caring for your garden or pool and be able to change your routine. There are a host of entertainment options available on cruises. There are plenty of daily activities and themed parties at night.

Our residents love to go cruising in a group because they have so much in common and develop great friendships. They love to travel in a group and create new memories. Cruising is convenient because great meals are provided. All you really have to do is show up and have fun.

Most of all: you don’t have to worry about leaving your home for it’s safe within the gated community.

Want to Go on a Cruise with Us?

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