Emerald Lakes

Your Current Home vs Seachange Emerald Lakes: You Decide Which is Best

05 Aug, 2015

When we developed our over 50’s active lifestyle resort in Emerald Lakes, we went heavy on the “active” for a reason. We wanted to create a resort that helps people over 50 enjoy their lives to the fullest while they still have the energy to enjoy the activities they love. We think we have done a great job, and so do our residents.

A lot of people delay moving out of their family homes until they feel like they need to. Seachange Emerald Lakes, we decided to “flip the script” and help active over 50’s move by choice to a community where they can live a dream lifestyle.

Your Current Home

Let’s say you have done well for yourself. Your current home has three or four bedrooms, a giant backyard and a lifetime of family “treasures” that you really don’t care much about anymore. You notice that some of the older people in your neighbourhood are moving out and young families are moving in. They are nice, but you really don’t feel like being in a neighbourhood full of kids and young parents anymore. Or perhaps your street is full of renters who don’t care as much for their rental property as you do for your lovely home. Eventually, you find that you have less and less in common with your neighbours.

Seachange Emerald Lakes

At Seachange Emerald Lakes, your neighbours are all as young as you are. They have the same memories and cultural references. You can take advantage of your free golf buggy and free five year golf membership because the golf course is right around the block. The five star country club has world class kitchen facilities. If you want to venture outside of your community, every amenity you can think of is less than 20 minutes away.

Now ask yourself: where would you rather live?

To find out more about Seachange Emerald Lakes, feel free to browse the website and call us today: 1800 559 669.