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Statistics Prove: People in Active Lifestyle Communities are Healthier and Happier

01 Jul, 2015

Our active lifestyle resort at Emerald Lakes is founded on the principles of friendship, fun and fitness. We developed this model through research and common sense. We researched numerous senior communities around Florida, USA and noticed that too many people felt they were moving into retirement communities or facilities because they had to: not because they wanted to.

We decided to change that by offering a resort that over 50’s would move into by choice. We have done this by providing a lifestyle that is more an over 50’s resort than a typical retirement village. At Seachange Emerald Lakes, we go out of our way to provide facilities to promote activities and a great social life.

We believe in our core principles and two studies which indicate that people in communities like ours are statistically healthier and happier.

The Harvard School of Public Health Study

Led by researcher Lisa Berkman, who was the chair of Harvard’s Department of Society, Human Development and Health at the time of the study, said people with “strong social networks” have lower mortality rates and can delay the onset and severity of memory decline. Her research showed that those who had the least social integration lost memory function at a rate double of those who had strong social networks over a period of six years.

Keeping your brain healthy is one of the most important factors of living a full, happy life as a senior. Making strong social connections with like-minded people is an effective way to do just that.

Hebrew University Medical Center Study

This study proved that seniors who engage in any exercise, even “lower” levels, live longer than those who don’t exercise. They also show less statistical risk of disability. The most amazing finding: even those who don’t start exercising until they are between 70 and 85 derive benefits from an active lifestyle.

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