Want to Live Longer? Have a Sense of Purpose

22 Jun, 2015

At Seachange Village Arundel, we consider ourselves to be on the forefront of active adult retirement communities. We know that today’s retiree is healthier and prefers a more active lifestyle than those in previous generations may have. Advances in the science of health have enabled people to stay young for longer, inspiring sayings such as “60 is the new 40.”

We created Seachange Village Arundel on three principles: fun, fitness and friendship. If all of those are present, it’s easy to be happy. The further along we go in our “process” of providing “seachange” to active over 50’s, the more we realise that our approach is scientifically valid. Recently, a study from Canada and the US gave us even more proof that the Seachange way is the right way.

A Purpose-Driven Life

The principles of fun, fitness and friendship not only keep us happy but also provide a sense of purpose. When you are active and have a great social life, it provides a sense of purpose that makes you wake up in the morning feeling great. As far as we’re concerned, feeling great each day is its own reward, but a recent study is telling us that there is an even bigger reward: longer life.

Carleton University in Canada recently performed a study in cooperation with the Rochester Medical Center in the US. The authors of the study, Patrick Hill and Nicholas Turiano, concluded that having direction and goals can help a person live longer, whether or not they actually achieve those goals.

The authors concluded that those who reconnect with passions they couldn’t pursue when they were working, such as painting, music, writing and gardening, can add years to one’s life.

At Seachange Village Arundel, you can wake up every day with a sense of purpose. You can enjoy the 5-Star Country Club, which includes an arts and crafts room and a workshop in addition to teppanyaki barbecue and even a dance floor. There are sporting facilities such as a floodlit tennis court onsite and some of the best recreation the Gold Coast has to offer is within a 20 minute drive.

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