Can Having a Great Group of Friends Help Prevent Dementia?

19 Jun, 2015

When we decided to develop our active adult living community in Arundel, we decided to build them on the principles of friendship, fun and fitness. We know that today’s senior citizen is a lot more active than those of previous generations. We checked out a lot of communities before creating our active adult living model.

In our active adult living community, friendship is at the forefront. Not only are you encouraged to bring your old friends, you will make plenty of new friends at Seachange Arundel. There are plenty of social opportunities as you live an active lifestyle among kindred spirits.

We feel that fun, friendship and fitness are their own rewards, but a recent report from Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) indicates that friendship may have more benefits than we knew. The report is called “World Alzheimer Report 2014: Dementia and Risk Reduction” and covers many factors in the causes of dementia and the prevention of dementia by removing the causes.

According to the ADI report, cognitive stimulation is showing signs of being helpful for preventing dementia. In addition, depression is seen as a factor that increases the risk of dementia. At Seachange Village Arundel, we think the lifestyle, especially the social factor, provides cognitive stimulation and helps seniors fight the onset of depression because the risk factor of isolation is removed from the equation.

Revisiting a California Study from 2008

In 2008, a study was performed in California on 2,249 women. Its purpose was to determine if having a large social network would provide any protection from dementia. The study found that the women who had large social networks were 26% less likely to develop dementia. If they had contact with friends and/or family on a daily basis, they became close to 50% less likely to develop dementia.

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