Emerald Lakes

Can Exercise Help Prevent Dementia?

29 Jun, 2015

Our active adult lifestyle resort at Emerald Lakes is built on the principles of friendship, fun and fitness. We wanted to provide an over 50’s lifestyle resort that would help residents get the most out of life. The principles of friendship, fun and fitness combine synergistically to provide a community of active, happy over 50’s who wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else.

What Studies Say

We have a firm belief that friendship, fun and fitness are their own rewards, but research is proving that an active lifestyle can help delay or even prevent the onset of dementia. Alzheimer’s Disease International’s newest document called “World Alzheimer Report 2014: Dementia and Risk Reduction.”

The report combines different sources of contemporary research indicating that exercise can help prevent dementia. Exercise is one of many factors that can prevent dementia. We see the research as an indication that a lifestyle of friendship, fun and fitness can help keep seniors healthy.

There are studies showing that exercise can directly affect brain health, but there is also research indicating that exercise can also affect brain health indirectly by helping prevent other diseases and conditions that can increase the risk of dementia. These include diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Lab studies performed on animals indicate that exercise can help consolidate and improve neuron structure, enhance neurotransmitter synthesis and reduce amyloid burden. Many observational studies have demonstrated a link between dementia and lack of exercise. These studies suggest that exercise can reduce the risk of dementia as much as 40%.

Putting it All Together

While most researchers stop short of saying that exercise on its own can prevent dementia, we see exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle that is statistically proven to lower the risk. It all goes back to our core principles of friendship, fun and fitness.

At Seachange Emerald Lakes, you have the opportunity to live in an over 50’s lifestyle resort where you spend every day being active and happy. Call 1800 559 669 to learn more.