Always Time for a Second Seachange

01 May, 2015

Retirees, Barbara and Marty Bos were original residents at Seachange Village Arundel five years ago and for three and a half years enjoyed living in the over 50’s lifestyle resort. However, they decided to briefly move back to their previous town, Windaroo, on Brisbane’s southside, to have a home and garden large enough to develop Barbara’s interest in dog fostering.

“I had been a volunteer at the Beenleigh Animal Welfare League for a number of years and not only missed the work but had a passion to foster dogs,” she said. They sold their home at Seachange and purchased a new river front home at Winderoo.

While enjoying re-connecting with old friends, they discovered maintaining their large new home and garden was so time consuming they ended up unable to foster dogs, with Barbara even giving up volunteering.

“After living at Seachange where all the activities and facilities are within walking distance, we had forgotten that at Winderoo we had to drive everywhere,” Barbara said.

In the middle of last year, in a serendipitous moment, Marty visited the Seachange Welcome Centre to get an information pack for friends from NSW who were looking to move to an over 50’s village. While there, he discovered a home was available in a position they had previously admired.

Within a short time they had purchased their new Seachange home and sold their old home. Marty, Barbara and their Shih Tzu-Maltese dog, Bessie, moved back to Seachange!

“We have come back home and it feels like we’ve never left,” said Barbara After moving to Seachange for the second time! In addition to getting back into a number of Seachange activities, Barbara was able to return to running line dancing classes and Marty started a new Chess club.

“We had not realised how much we missed all the activities, events and friends at Seachange,” Barbara said.

“This has the best location and facilities of any over 50’s village, everything here is amazing and brilliant. We may have retired but we have never been busier.”