Emerald Lakes

You Won’t Call This a “Retirement Living Community”

01 Apr, 2015

We like the term “retirement living community.” We really do. But it just doesn’t do Seachange Emerald Lakes justice. So, why are we so adamant that a term like retirement living community or retirement village doesn’t apply to Seachange Emerald Lakes? We will explain further, but the short answer is that if you combine the best elements of an over 50’s lifestyle community with the best elements of an over 50’s resort, you get Seachange Emerald Lakes.

When we created Seachange Emerald Lakes and our sister community Seachange Village Arundel, we set out to create something that was better than the standard senior community or retirement village. We didn’t want to be one of “those places” where people move when they are too ill or too disabled to take care of themselves.

We decided that Seachange Emerald Lakes was going to be a place where people in their 50’s or older choose to move while they still have enough health and energy to enjoy life. We decided that Seachange Emerald Lakes would be a place where active seniors could meet like-minded people and spend their golden years happy like they are supposed to.

The end result is like an over 50’s gated country club estate that will be built around a 5-star country club. Seachange not only has world class facilities, but it is also conveniently close to infrastructure and amenities such as shopping, medical care and recreational facilities such as golf courses, and lakes.

Our 5-star country club will help provide a lifestyle that many wish they could have lived when they were younger. Our dining room will have both a stage and a dance floor built in. We offer an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, along with tennis court and a gymnasium. The bar and the club lounge allow you to relax and socialise.

Your golden years should be just that: golden years. If we have anything to say about it, that’s exactly what they will be. To learn more about Seachange Emerald Lakes, call us today: 1800 559 669.