Seachange Residents’ Gift to the Community

21 Apr, 2015

Seachange Village Arundel’s 5-star Country Club was the recipient of a new full sized billiards table, a donation from one of its original residents Noeleen Misak.

‘There is a group of over 50’s villages on the Gold Coast that engage in inter-club challenges, however Seachange needed a full size table to participate,’ says Seachange resident Peter Misak.

The problem was solved by Peter’s wife, Noeleen Misak, who donated the table to the community on behalf of her husband Peter, who were among the first residents of Seachange when the village opened over five years ago.

Peter’s ongoing health issues originally prompted the move to Seachange so he could be confident knowing Noeleen would be in a safe, friendly community. Once at Seachange Peter found that the active and nourishing lifestyle gave him a new lease on life, and became so energised that he even bought the café in the shopping centre across the road.

‘The billiards table is a gift to Seachange, as a thank you to the community for our wonderful past five years here,’ says Noeleen & Peter.

Noeleen originally considered donating a trophy, but Peter decided the Country Club “did not need a dust catcher”, but rather something more tangible which could be used for the enjoyment of many residents and add to the many facilities and amenities the community offers.

Peter has played competition snooker since the age of 14, each year making the finals in the Seachange club snooker title, and has also been an active member and title winner of the lawn bowls club.

‘Keeping active keeps you healthy. The inter-club challenge between different resorts engenders a lot of friendships and also sparks social events’, continues Peter. ‘We talk about what we do and how it works, so we get ideas from each other.’

“The billiards table is a gift to Seachange as a thank you to the community”

‘It’s only going to lead to bigger and better things for everyone. I love the concept of these resorts; it’s wonderful.’

Phil Goodman, Project Director, applauded the Misak’s donation of the billard table. ‘The Seachange vision is to nourish the mind, body and soul through learning, community and recreational facilities’ he said. ‘It is wonderful to see how the community in action extends and improves on the existing facilities.