Lifestyle Community in Arundel Provides a Better Way to Live

20 Apr, 2015

Anybody can say they have a lifestyle community in Arundel or an over 50’s resort on the Gold Coast, but how many communities actually back up their words by providing a superior lifestyle? That’s exactly what we do here at Seachange Village Arundel: provide you with a better way to live.

For too many years, the idea of a “senior community” is that of a place where people go to live the rest of their lives in quiet despair, only coming out for holidays and the occasional vacation. At Seachange Village Arundel, we decided that you deserve better. We decided that an entire generation deserves better. So we went about designing and building the best over 50’s resort we could make affordable for people who worked hard, retired and wants to enjoy the rest of their lives.

Why We Didn’t Want to Build a Typical “Senior Community”

Under the old “senior community” model, which is still in effect in many places across Australia and around the world, nobody moves there voluntarily. They live in the old family home until maintaining it and taking care of themselves becomes too onerous a burden to bear.

Then they are dragged, kicking and screaming, into a place where a bunch of other people have been dragged kicking and screaming. Nobody is happy. Everyone has moved because they are ill, injured or just too old to navigate anymore and their family doesn’t want the burden of being caregivers.

Is that what you want for yourself or for your parents?

What We Did to Fix the Problem

We started asking “What if?” What if there was a place where retirees would move voluntarily? Where they could stay active as long as they wanted and enjoy their golden years with like-minded people? Where they could live in a home designed around easy mobility and low maintenance? Where everything they need to really enjoy life would be in their village or within a ten minute drive? Where they could live in a place that would be sustainable for the rest of their lives?

Introducing Seachange Village Arundel

At Seachange Village Arundel, we embraced the concept of seachange and took it a step further. Seachange indicates not only a change in location from the city to the seashore, but the ingrained belief that one’s lifestyle is going to undergo a positive change.

We decided to take it a step further by creating a community where interaction and activity would be a part of the daily routine of most of our residents. In other words, we don’t want to just change where you live; we want to change how you live.

The Proof is in the Results

We toured a lot of lifestyle communities and asked a lot of questions to help us develop a plan. We finally decided upon a community model that would encourage a sense community and enable our residents to truly enjoy their “golden years.” We want to make the last part of your life the best time of your life. So, here’s what we did.

We decided upon a climate and a locale where people would really want to spend their “golden years.” Then, we found a parcel of land that was open for development and located convenient to infrastructure and amenities. This allows ease of transport and convenient access to shopping, medical centres and a host of recreational opportunities from golf courses to walking trails to pristine beaches.

Once the location was taken care of, it was time to work on the community. We built it around a world class Country Club. We then created medium density, affordable housing that doesn’t look like apartments. We built our homes to be space-efficient, energy-efficient and eco-friendly for a sustainable lifestyle.

Then, we made sure it was gated and secure, while providing secure land tenure for our homeowners. Last but not least, we hired a world class maintenance crew.

Check Us Out For Yourself

You really need to experience Seachange Village Arundel to fully understand how great it is. Call us today for a tour: 1800 652 797.