Emerald Lakes

You Deserve a Seachange

06 Mar, 2015

If you have reached the age where an over 50’s lifestyle community sounds good, you may want to join a growing group of seniors who are enjoying life at Seachange Emerald Lakes. At Seachange Emerald Lakes, we don’t believe that over 50’s should live in a typical retirement community.

We have gone to a lot of work to provide an over 50’s gated country club estate that seems more like a resort than a retirement community. So, how did we decide to make Seachange Emerald Lakes different than the typical retirement community? The short answer: because we believe you should live your golden years as truly golden years.

The Research

When we decided to create a retirement community, we looked closely at retirement community models from across the world. We quickly realised that we didn’t want to create “just another retirement community.” Our research showed us that too many other retirement communities were places people involuntarily went to die after their families could no longer take care of them.

In too many traditional retirement villages, people moved there against their will after they were too ill or too disabled to enjoy their lives. They were full of people who had hung on to their homes, even though they were too big, until family members could no longer give them the care they needed. Then, they were made to give up a lifetime of personal belongings to downsize into a small room in a retirement community.

We decided that we didn’t want to use the traditional model. We decided that we would have an over 50’s lifestyle community that was a five star resort with homes built around it. We wanted a place where people over 50s could come voluntarily to live the lifestyle they deserve to live in their golden years. Ultimately, that is what separates Seachange Emerald Lakes from the typical retirement village: a lifestyle worth moving for right now.

The Results

At Seachange Emerald Lakes, we have built a retirement lifestyle village where active adults over 50 can start living their preferred lifestyle right now. You may end up downsizing your current home, but you are in much better shape to do that when you are still active and healthy than when you become a burden upon your family.

In the meantime, you will be able to enjoy active adult living with your peers at Seachange Emerald Lakes. Think of it as a 20-30 year period where you will be able to live a great life and enjoy the fruits of your labours. In the next 25 years, the percentage of Australians in the 55-75 age group will double, eventually reaching a count of 5.3 million. In other words, communities like Seachange Emerald Lakes will be in very high demand.

We would eventually find great examples for what we wanted to be in the US, particularly Florida. We decided to build an over 50’s resort at Emerald Lakes with a calendar full of activities and opportunities for our residents to engage with life to their utmost. Instead of being dragged, kicking and screaming, into a place they don’t want to live, we have built a place where our residents want to be; they move here voluntarily and happily.

The Core Values

At the top of our core values: active people over 50 sharing experiences and enjoying life with like-minded people on a daily basis. There is nothing like the enriching friendships that are quickly developed at Emerald Lakes. We also decided that the community would be in a location where people dream of spending their golden years.

Seachange Emerald Lakes is located conveniently close to shopping, recreation and medical facilities. It is built around a 5-star country club that enriches your mind, body and soul. To make your lifestyle comfortable, housing is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. We were sure to avoid apartments and high density, creating affordable homes in a medium density community that gives our residents room to breathe.

It’s all Here

It’s all waiting for you at Seachange Emerald Lakes. Call us to learn more: 1800 559 669.