Seachange promotes staying fit and fabulous at 50+

11 Sep, 2014

Good nutrition is important for everyone, and particularly as our requirements change with age.

Seachange Village Arundel one of Australia’s most awarded over 50’s lifestyle communities is offering the opportunity to get FREE expert advice on how to stay healthy as you age from accredited dietitian, Sue Bell.

Sue and Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics students from Griffith University will conduct a health living seminar at Seachange’s 5-star Country Club from 10.30am – 11.30am on Thursday October 2nd.

Attendees to the seminar will also have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy morning tea with Seachange residents and experience first-hand the health and lifestyle benefits that living in an active over 50’s community can bring.

The presentation will deliver practical suggestions on eating better to live longer and prevent or delay chronic lifestyle related diseases.

It will also look at demystifying current fad diets and trends and utilising convenience meal options to reduce the burden of food preparation.

“Good nutrition is important for everyone, particularly as our requirements change with age and activity levels,” said Ms Bell.

“Eating well can assist maintenance of bone mineralisation, muscle mass and strength to allow us to maintain independence and enjoy our active lifestyles for longer.”

Seachange Project Director, Phil Goodman stated part of the reason people move into an over 50s lifestyle resort is to downsize their home and upsize their lifestyle.

“At Seachange Village Arundel, residents can participate in a huge range of sporting activities and social events. Our residents become fitter and more active which may result in a need for change in their diet,” said Mr Goodman

Ms Bell additionally stated as we move into our ‘golden years’, it is important to eat better, not less, so she encouraged people to choose the most nourishing foods first. This is where a good understanding of the core food group requirements can be invaluable.

“By following a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet and staying active the ageing process can be slowed and you may even be able to avoid age related chronic diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes,” said Ms Bell.