Developer gets Green thumbs-up

08 Jun, 2013


Cr John Wayne & Cr Margaret Grummitt help out with tree planting at Seachange


TWO Gold Coast City councillors have praised the developers of an Arundel over 50s residential resort for their civic mindedness in rehabilitating a large area of creek-front land bordering their property.

Seachange Village Arundel on Napper Road has spent more than $100,000 clearing heavy weed infestation and planting more than 5,000 native trees and shrubs to help bring back native birds and other fauna to the 1.5 acres of land.

Councillors, John Wayne and Margaret Grummitt got down and dirty with Seachange village residents, executives and landscaping staff last week to help complete the planting.

Cr Wayne said he would love to see more developers `put this sort of effort in’. “Not enough of this sort of thing is done,” he said.

Cr Grummitt said it was `very rare’ that private enterprise was so `spot on’ in its approach to ensuring healthy waterways.

“You can recognise the health of a suburb by its bird-life, and they in turn need trees, nectar and clean water to thrive,” she said.

“What Seachange has done is a lot of hard work and I commend them for their leadership.”

Seachange landscape manager Peter Lenaghan said the creek and the adjoining lake assisted water absorption and drainage for the local area during heavy rain, and would become a bird `hotspot’ as it was one of the few water bodies left in the area.

“Residents will be able to watch this area grow more beautiful over the years,” he said.
Seachange Village, which will eventually have 395 homes, has a strong environmental focus, collecting all its stormwater and rainwater in a bio retention zone where it is filtered and cleaned before being stored in two million-litre tanks to irrigate the resort’s tropical gardens.

Seachange Village will hand over ownership of the rehabilitated creek front land to council later in the year.

Last week’s planting was also attended by members of the Moncrieff U3A (University of The Third Age) which has set up Australia’s first external U3A campus at Seachange with a range of learning for pleasure courses on offer.