Bowlers get tips from a master

06 Jun, 2013

CHAMPION lawn bowler Keith Donaldson has led an interesting life…and it’s about to become even more so. bowls
The semi-professional champion bowler has been asked to found the new bowls club at the over 50’s lifestyle resort Seachange Village Arundel.
With 25 years’ experience and a swag of trophies to his name, Mr Donaldson, 61, will also be available to coach residents in the sport, from learners to experienced players.
While players can be assured of some patient, competent and top-line advice from Mr Donaldson, he’ll also be good company in the bar afterwards. This man has yarns aplenty to tell.
In the 1970’s Mr Donaldson, was a champion professional rodeo rider, and in later years fitted a two-year stint training race horses in Thailand into his busy life. He’s also been a champion greyhound trainer.
But, it is bowls that takes up most of his time now and it’s a passion he’s keen to pass on.
Mr Donaldson said he was `blown away’ by the facilities at the just-opened residents’ 5-Star Country Club at Seachange, the beautiful houses, and the whole lifestyle at the resort.
“It’s definitely the way of the future, secure, affordable living where you can spend your time pursuing your passions,” said Mr Donaldson who was stoked to be asked to be the face of bowls at Seachange.
Mr Donaldson said anyone could learn to play bowls and he would have beginners playing pennants in six months.
“Bowls is all about technique and delivery,” he said.
“You don’t need to be physically strong, just able to relax, relate and follow simple rules.”
Mr Donaldson, who won the Queensland Professional Bowls Association finals last year, and who made the quarter finals of the Queensland Open, said bowls was increasingly becoming a younger person’s sport.
“Most of the top players are in the 30 years age group these days, but for more mature players it is a great way to stay fit and flexible,” he said.
“When I meet rodeo riders who were around with me 30 years ago I can see how much bowls has helped keep me active and healthy.”
Mr Donaldson said bowls was also a great source of social interaction and the developers of Seachange had thought of everything when setting up the bowling greens and club room.
Mr Donaldson said whether a beginner or an accomplished player, a professional could pass on valuable tips to improve play.
“It’s going to be great helping to get bowls going at Seachange and I suspect it won’t be long before our own members are competing against other over 50’s resort clubs.
“The great benefit of living in a resort like Seachange is that you could practice your bowls every day.”