Art Makes an Entry Statement

04 Jun, 2013

WHEN artist Glenda Hadfield was researching beaches to inspire the painting she had been commissioned to create for the Seachange Village Arundel 5-Star Country Club she looked around the world. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
“I looked at all the other fabulous beaches like the Seychelles, Brazil and the Greek Islands,” she said.

“But I quickly realised I could not better what we have in our city. Our beaches are so unique and we are so privileged to live here.

“I truly believe there is no other spot like this on the planet, yet as locals we often take it for granted.”

Amazingly, once she had completed her research, Ms Hadfield’s stunning Seachange triptych took the accomplished artist only a week to complete.

The 3.6 metres by 2.5 metres acrylic painting is the first thing visitors see when they enter the foyer of the 5-Star Country Club and is destined to be a huge talking point.

“I wanted to capture the essence, mood aura and identity of the whole concept of a sea-change,” said Ms Hadfield.
“It has been a delight and a privilege to contribute to this project, which is trailblazing a lifestyle for the over 50’s.
“I completely understand that this is a group that no longer has the ‘blue rinse’ mentality of the past and wants to stay active and involved. All power to them.”

Ms Hadfield, who moved to the Gold Coast from Christchurch, New Zealand in 1997, said she grew up surrounded by art.
“My mother was an artist and she drew for me like other mothers read to their children” she said.

An experienced teacher who has taught art in schools, she now runs small classes for adults as well as completing numerous corporate commissions with fellow artist Matthew Schwugier.

Ms Hadfield said she was absolutely delighted when Seachange management asked her to offer art classes to residents.
“I have a unique way of teaching and I can teach anyone to paint,” she said.

” I can guarantee people can paint in a photo realist way in just three months. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is and what a wonderful escape it is.”