Testimonial – Energy Efficiency is the Key

04 Mar, 2011

Smart green initiatives can save on energy bills and people are becoming more aware of the roles we play in contributing to
climate change.

Looking at smarter ways to cut energy bills is of particular interest to Brian and Diane Dawson, residents at Seachange Village Arundel. Article 2 - image

“When we were looking at purchasing at Seachange we were advised of the many features designed to make the homes
more energy efficient and comfortable but its not until we were able to see the results that we were convinced” said Brian. Our first quarter water bill was $44 and we were delighted so imagine our surprise when the last quarter’s bill came and it was only $31.

When we lived in the high-rise apartment our water was costing us $130 a quarter so we have saved a considerable amount of money. Each home has a 3,000 litre water tank linked to the washing machine and toilets and this has resulted in these savings. We have also found our electricity bills have dropped by $25 a quarter since moving to Seachange Village” beamed Brian.

“Having individual water, gas & electricity meters allows us to have some control over these costs. We have found the home stays cool in summer and with the cooler days and nights we find the home keeps its warmth in. We worried we would miss the breeze off the water when we moved to Seachange but there is plenty of airflow between the homes and there is always a nice breeze around the village”. said Brian.

The resorts master plan and home designs were part of a green brief that has resulted in all Seachange homes in the over 50’s lifestyle resort having a 7 star energy rating certificate which translates to cost savings on energy and water efficiency.

This rating has been achieved through attention to detail and smart design features of homes including: natural ventilation, shading with wider eaves, insulation in all external walls and roofs, treated glazing, light coloured roofs and walls, ceiling fans and well designed outdoor areas.

In addition, water conservation plays a big part at Seachange with all rainwater on the site directed via a bio pit to a central two-million-litre tank where it is filtered and redirected for garden irrigation throughout the village.

Energy efficient design features are included in all Seachange homes as well as standard inclusions of 2.7m ceilings, two bathrooms, stone benches and ducted air-conditioning.

Anyone wanting to view the resort facilities and lifestyle are invited to visit the Welcome Centre, open daily at 299 Napper Rd, Arundel or call 1800 652 797 to attend a free morning tea.